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Oak Lawn Day Nursery
Early Childhood Academy

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Oak Lawn, IL  60453

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"Dedicated to children and families since 1965"

Infants (6 Weeks) through Kindergarten

Parents always welcome


Specializing in
Reading Readiness
Differentiated Teaching

  • State Licensed
  • DCFS Certified Teachers
  • Christian Curriculum
  • Hot Lunch Program

Hours: 7:00am - 6:00pm, Monday - Friday

A Ministry of

At OLDN, we follow the state mandated teacher/child ratios.
Infants   1 teacher to 4 infants
Toddlers   1 teacher to 5 toddlers
2's and 3's   1 teacher to 8 two and three year olds
Preschool   1 teacher to 10 preschoolers
Kindergarten   1 teacher to 20 kindergarten students

2. What Teaching Methods are Used?

At OLDN, we use a hands on approach to learning.  Problem or project based learning where mastery of standards is met and the child continues to learn at his/her own pace. 

3. Is a Curriculum Followed?

At OLDN, we use individualized learning experiences through structured curriculum that exceeds National Standards.  Each student will be taught math, reading, social development, and drama, as well as other subjects. 

4. Is the Building and Area Safe?

OLDN is a locked facility with a camera monitoring and buzz-in system.  Cameras in the rooms add additional safety as rooms may be monitored at any time.  Policies regarding neighborhood excursions are in place as well as systems of Police and Fire protection.

5. Is the School Known for its Family

OLDN serves the entire family, although the child is the primary focus.  Consideration is given to family needs and there is a sense of "belonging" and sharing in the school.

6. Are the Parents Involved?

At OLDN, we believe that parents should be part of their child's learning.  Parent newsletters and daily discussion is important in the early childhood years.  In addition, parents are permitted in the classroom and are given access to the school.   Parents have the opportunity to be part of a child's day at school.          

7. Is the School Student-Centered?

According to the ethics of School Principals, a student-centered school is one that makes decisions based on individual needs of students and what is in the best interest of that student.  At OLDN, the student is number one-not the teacher, the district, or the facility.

8. What Philosophy of Education is Present?

The philosophy of Education sets the mission and vision of a school. At OLDN, we have a Biblical philosophy that teaches children are created by a loving God, and there is a unique purpose for them.  Reading, Science, Math, Social Studies, and Healthy Living are taught with this purpose in mind as the child grows and matures.  The teachers and the parents work together for the sake of the child.

9. Is the Tuition Reasonable?

A Superior Kindergarten program should cost enough that the parent is aware their young child is getting good, hands-on, early childhood education.  Pricey programs do not mean better education; Pricey programs often mean higher salaries, state-of-the-art buildings, and misplaced priorities.  A kindergarten program can be excellent while the tuition can be reasonable.  Average prices for Above-Average programs vary from about $450-$600 a month for full day programs.  Less could mean too many kids in a room or lack of creative teaching.  More than this amount means you could be overspending.